Sensory Testing Success for Fabric Conditioner Fragrances

The Challenge​

Our client, a leading fragrance company, faced a unique challenge in evaluating ten different fabric conditioner fragrances. They needed to understand consumer preferences through a detailed testing process, focusing on how the fragrances were perceived both directly from the bottle and on damp towels.

The client also wanted to test the fragrances using a specific and complex demographic of people.  For example: regular users and purchasers of liquid fabric softners, specific brand users, households with frequent washing routines, representation from two different age groups, diverse users from consistent use to those that switch products.

The Solution

Sense:lab Leeds was the ideal location to meet our client’s requirements, due to its unique facilities and extensive participant pool.

With 10 washing machines onsite, each fragrance had an allocated washing machine to enable freshly washed towels on the day of fieldwork, so they could be tested damp. Separate machines ensured accurate and consistent fragrance evaluation.

With access to over 7,000 local people willing and ready to attend a CLT at Sense:lab, we could confidently and efficiently recruit to meet our client’s specific demographic and usage criteria.

The Result

The research provided our client with valuable insights into consumer preferences for their fabric conditioner fragrances. They could directly compare their fragrances against competitors in both the neat form and as experienced on freshly washed damp towels. This two-phase testing highlighted the fragrances’ performance in different real-world uses.

The quick and effective execution of the project was highly appreciated by the client, reinforcing the strong collaborative partnership that we have developed over the years.

This case study shows how a well-equipped facility and a robust participant network can effectively meet specific client needs in sensory research.

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