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Panel Recruitment Services

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Looking for more than just a facility? We offer a variety of additional services to support your research needs, including panel recruitment and incentives. We specialise in the recruitment of local and online research panels to meet your specific project requirements.


With access to over 10,000 active participants, from our in-house community, we are confident that we can provide the panel demographic you need for your CLT, HUT or online research project, providing valuable insights from a diverse group of participants.

Our on-site recruitment team will make sure you have quality people that meet your criteria and are available to take part in your research projects. Having successfully recruited for a wide range of demographics, simply let us know who you are looking for, and we’ll do the rest.


Let us pay your participants for you! Our incentive provider partnership ensures we can pay participants with a range of consumer friendly rewards and benefits, on your behalf.


What is a market research panel?2023-09-18T13:02:55+00:00

A market research panel is a group of individuals who have agreed to participate in market research studies and surveys on an ongoing basis. These panels are typically created and managed by market research companies. Panel members, often referred to as respondents or participants, are selected based on specific demographic criteria or other relevant characteristics to ensure that they represent the target audience for the research.

Market research panels are valuable because they provide a pool of willing participants who can be surveyed or interviewed repeatedly over time. This allows researchers to consistently gather data, opinions, and feedback on various products, services, or topics. Panels are used in a wide range of research activities, including product testing, consumer behaviour analysis, brand perception studies, and more. The insights gathered from these panels help businesses make informed decisions and refine their strategies.

Connect with people

We give you the space to capture the insight you need.

Connect with people

We give you the space to capture the insight you need.

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