Unmasking Consumer Insights in Liquid Electrical Fragrance

The Challenge​

Our objective was to empower our client with comprehensive insights into consumer preferences and the appeal of four distinct plug-in oil scented fragrances. Our mission encompassed gathering data on overall liking, fragrance strength, purchase intent, and delving into the sensorial profile of each scent through the use of precise olfactive descriptors.

The Solution

We executed a meticulously controlled fragrance sniff test within our sealed booths. Each plug-in air freshener had its designated booth, and participants cycled through these booths, evaluating the fragrances while responding to a survey. To prevent olfactive fatigue, participants took a brief olfactive break between each fragrance assessment.

Initially, all four fragrances underwent blind assessments, devoid of associated imagery. Subsequently, they were re-evaluated against a selected concept to gauge alignment and purchase appeal.

The Result

We successfully provided our client with clean, raw data, tailored to their specifications, enabling them to glean the precise insights they needed. Leveraging our state-of-the-art sensory booths, we seamlessly conducted the plug-in air freshener study with an emphasis on both ease and high quality. Our approach ensured the prevention of fragrance cross-contamination, and the capability to thoroughly purge the booths between assessments, maintaining the integrity of the results.

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