Product test: Leg waxing

“We were so worried that the participants wouldn’t be relaxed but the research space was so welcoming that they were fully immersed in the test.

The facility and the participants were exactly what we were looking for. Great work team!”

FMCG Client

The Challenge

The client needed to find people willing to grow out their leg hair, come to a central location, have their legs waxed by an expert, and talk about the product with them. They also needed the right kind of space for the research to take place; somewhere comfortable, and private but would also allow them to view the process discreetly.

The Solution

We transformed the facility and reached out to our panel:

  • Set up private spaces with individual beauty beds for the product test & interviews
  • Screened the relevant panelists via our management platform
  • Spoke to them for validity & confirmation

The Result

The client was able to successfully run the product test:

  • In a space that provided privacy for the participants
  • Where they could view the waxing process
  • With participants who were fully relaxed, engaged, and open with their feedback
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